Review on PopAds. Step-by-step guide how to start a campaign on one of the most popular traffic sources


Here is the article where we tried to explain everything you need to know about starting a campaign on PopAds.

Let's start!

It is really easy to sign up.


The main aspects

This network specializes entirely on pop-ups, possesses a vast amount of traffic for almost any geo (the amount of available traffic can be seen in “Inventory” tab). The main peculiarity of the network is its bidding system. You put not just the price for a click but the maximum price for a click you are ready to pay in the settings of the campaign. Smart bid system, in its turn, may provide you the traffic with the price lower than you bade. There is a rating (stars) of landings from 1 to 10. The more stars a landing has, the higher price for a click from it, that is why every landing has its price for a click.


Before you start the campaign, it is recommended to know the total amount of traffic for required geo and approximate bid. To do this just open “Inventory” tab. Information is restored once in 3 days.




Creating the campaign

To create a campaign press “New Campaign”.


Usually I make 2 different campaigns: wifi and carrier traffic separately for one set of offers .

The prices on operator traffic may vary, also convert may be different . Generally, operator traffic has less bots. It is better to divide advertising campaigns and check the results.


Popads-Android - CO - [carrier] pops
Popads-Android - CO - [wifi] pops

  • Name -  the name of the company. I suggest to name it in the following way: [CO - Geo] OFFER - 1 click X-tube
  • URL – here we copy our link.

  • Quality – the quality we wrote about previously. Keep this in mind: the more stars you choose, the less traffic you get, because there are few landings with a big amount of stars. Practically, I put top 90. Yes, there are many landings with few stars but they make good convert.




I recommend to stream the traffic and check convert. If it's bad, let it go, if it's good, keep it in mind.



  • Frequency cap – Unicity of the visit. I recommend to put 1/24h.


  • After approval - What to do after moderation (launch, pause).


  • PrimeSpot - opportunity to buy that traffic where a person haven't got a popunder within the last hour. Personally, I always put “all”.


  • Adv. type:

        Popunder- your advertisement opens on the background of your current page.
       Popup- your advertisement opens on the front.


Setting a budget of advertising campaign


Max Bid- here we set the maximum price for a click.


Daily budget- daily budget (it is optional).


Budget- campaign's budget (on which sum to refill).



Don't forget to check approximate bid in “Inventory” tab.


You can set the speed of remote in “Throttling” tab (slow it down, if you want the traffic to last for a day). Personally, I don't use it, but if you want to consider your convert in 24 hours and find top-time, than I utterly recommend this function.


Choose countries you need in the tab "Country targeting"

 If you don't have enough geo for your targeting, what can you do?


  1. Write your manager and ask him to open the geo, but usually this dialogue could last for a long time.
  2. Practical advice: I really recommend to find a working case, write down how it worked on another resource. Then write to your manager, ask him to open the geo in which this case worked+ add screenshots. With a time you will be able to open other geo this way. Communicate! Remember:your manager is your main friend.
  3. Spend 5000-6000$ in the resource to open additional geo. Quite often everything opens except for US-CA-AU-GB. You need to spend a fortune to open top-geo but you can always make an agreement!

You can choose languages and population of cities in “Society targeting” tab. I usually choose all.


Go on to "Environment targeting" tab. Choose needed OS, browser and screen resolution. I choose only OS because I turn off other targeting after seeing the statistics, thus, I choose “all”.


In screen resolution section I also choose all- then I examine the statistics which I got after testing.


The next tab is “Device targeting” where we choose the type of devices. You can choose a specific model but at the beginning I recommend to choose all. If you show your ad only on mobiles then it is better to turn off “Desktop/Notebook”.


In “Connection targeting” choose the type of connection. Operator traffic or Wifi.

 You can also set your targeting according to operators. If you need all traffic, including wifi, then choose all (or choose nothing which is equal). If you need only operator traffic, then choose Cellular and Cellular/Carrier and take a look on operators below.

 In “Time targeting” you can set the show according to specific days and time. For exact and accurate statistics I don't turn off time and stream the traffic 24h.

In “Website Targeting” you set white and black-lists.


After that the system will show you available traffic


Your advertising campaign is ready!


What else do you need to know?

  • Landing Page – moderators approve almost everything except for real gore. So mind what you stream. PopAds may also send the price of a click to tracker. There is a special macros for this [BID].

  • We would like to add that in our Landing Birds service all server infrastructure is set in such a way that your landers are streamed super fast. No matter where you stream your traffic, you just create a lander, press “publish” , and it is available from anywhere in the world. It is really convenient when you use many traffic sources.

    As usually we will be happy to answer your questions.