How to speed up lander loadings

Concerning speed

There was a curious research on STM forum about how prelander's loading speed influences the campaign's efficency.
This theory was tested on a popunder traffic , and all the factors tended to be the same except for the speed. So, here is the result:

The slowest lander, speed of loading is 2,14 seconds, CTR 3,6 %
Lander with a better loading speed which is 0, 64 seconds, CTR 5,5 %
The fastest lander with the speed of 0,13 seconds showed 7,8 % CTR what is 2 times more than the slowest did.

The result is amazing. And actually it illustrates why speed optimization is essential for a successful affiliate.

Just consider - perhaps, the reason of your being in the red is in a bad server infrastructure.

What is CDN?

CDN ( content delivery network) - is a network infrastructure which enables your users to receive the content faster. The point is, a user request your content (your page with each and every piece of the content) but not from your server which may be, say, in the U.S., but from the geographically closer server CDN. Thus, your content is replicated by the whole network and is given to the user from the closest spot what really saves up the time of loading.

How can you use CDN and put on loading speed?

Easy-peasy, just follow the instructions!

Starting the work

Let's begin with the CDN. We use cloudflare solution.

We suppose, it is one of the best solutions on the market, plus it is free. This service never let us down, so we can definitely recommend it.
Ok, we go on cloudflare website and sign up. It is quite simple, hardly there will be any questions on this stage.

It works in the following way: you add all the domains your landers are on to cloudflare. To do this you need to change the DNS from general (which is given by domain-registrar) to the one given by cloudflare.

We buy domain names in namecheap that is why we show them as an example but if you use other servers, don't worry, there are plenty of instructions how to change the DNS, the backbone is the same everywhere.

Right, we sign up for namecheap and buy domain name. We bought for a test.

Only 0,88 cents!

Now we take the domain copy and paste it to cloudflare. Just click add site, paste the domain name and click begin to scan. Here we go!

As soon as scanning is finished, press continue setup. Delete all the remaining records (really all!) and click continue.

On the next stage we choose Free Website and follow further to the final stage which is updating DNS record. Here is example how it looks like:

Leave it for a while and return to namecheap, find domain list

Find our domain, click the manage button . Then find Nameservers and change Namecheap BasicDNS to CustomDNS

When you choose customDNS, you can see nameserver1 and nameserver2 fields. You need to fill them in with the addresses that you gained on the final stage while adding the website to cloudflare. Like here:

You add the record and press green tick in namecheap and continue button in cloudflare. Done!

Usually it takes 15-30 mins for DNS record to change.

A record

Ok, now you should add A record, in other words, let DNS resolver know by which name and on which server it is to find the information. It is all done in DNS tab, you just choose letter "A" from the list, insert domain in NAME field, and server's IP in IPv4 address field. Press Add record and that's it. Now our domain refers to our server and all the information is cached in CDN

Careful settings

Let's make all the settings correctly for the better work. Firstly, find Caching tab in Caching Level box, choose Ignore Query String. If you don't do this, each request with a changed link setting will be concerned as unique and the content will be streamed from your server, not from CDN.

Next, to cache our data to the maximum we should set the rule. Open Page Rule tab and press Create Page Rule. In the opening window click add a setting and choose Cache level with Cache everything setting. Now we need to write the domain, in this case we use and add /*.html

So, we get something like this:*.html

Created rule will cache not only pictures and files but also html docs what will make your lander loading really fast.

Well, actually that's it. Done! Now every lander which is on domain will be streamed inside CDN and will load much, much faster (10 times) than on the general server.

By the way, Landing Birds service creating and managing the landers has well set server infrastructure so that all the landers from all over the world load super fast. No matter where and to which source you stream your traffic, you just create a lander, press "publish" button and the lander is available worldwide.

As usually, we are happy to answer all your questions.